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Shipping Policy

Preferred Carrier: DHL, UPS and TNT
Shipping Offers: No Offers
Tracking code provided upon shipment

Shipping methods are determined by item size, type, fragility, and specific characteristics. Shipping costs are calculated based on carrier rates, delivery distance, and packing complexity. Learn about  Shipping  through Aztro.

Worldwide Delivery or Restrictions:

Worldwide Shipping 

United States: Orders below $800 Dollars, ship duty-free 
Europe: Orders below $150 Dollars, ship duty-free
United Kingdom: Orders below $186 ship duty-free
Australia: Orders below $350 Dollars, ship duty- free
Duties and Taxes terms on orders over the threshold will be Pay at Receiving

Thresholds and Taxes are subject to change daily per country, please check our Duties and Taxes Database, and double-check your countries thresholds.

Return Policy

We adhere to Aztro's 7 day grace period to return eligible products for acceptable reasons per  Aztro's Return Policy . Beyond this period, we accept returns for an additional N/A days. All requests will be reviewed and responded within 7 business days. Replacements or refunds are issued within 7 business days of receiving the replacement request or receiving the returned goods.

Other Shipping Policies